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Elite Repeats Clothing Boutique

Consignment and Cash for your Clothes


How It Works:

Consignment means you bring your items to us, we sell them for you, and give you money back. Easy!

Don’t worry, your closet is no different from anyone else’s. We all have those items we keep pushing aside: too big, wore it too many times, not my style, too tight, or just plain never liked it. 

That’s where we come in. We can turn that clutter into cash for you.


Here’s all you need to do:

  • Sort and select your best items
  • Call us for an appointment
  • Bring items in for consignment
  • Wait for the cash to flow in

We do have a few guidelines you should know. First, the items must be clean, neat, and have all original zippers, buttons, labels, etc. Also, no rips, tears, or holes. 

Labels need to be designers like Ann Taylor, Talbots, Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren, Chico’s , or Express, and be up-to-date. All clothing must be on hangers, pressed, and ready to sell.

We also accept jewelry, purses, never-worn shoes, scarves, and hats.

A $9 consignment fee is due when your account is opened. The fee will be deducted each year thereafter. Items are kept approximately three months, or until the new season. Unsold items can be returned to you or donated to a worthwhile charity.

Our policy is to split the selling price 50/50. Whatever you earn you can receive in cash  between the 10th and 20th of the month, or use as store credit for a 25% off shopping spree.

Let’s get going! Our phone number is: 440-853-6668 or fill out the form below: